In the tort matters regarding catastrophic injury and traumatic brain injury, Ms. Hinson has the ability to quickly ascertain the facts of the case and develop a legal strategy to maximize the value of the settlement or jury award. Ms. Hinson is willing to pursue her client’s interests to the fullest extent allowed by law to make sure her client receives a fitting resolution to the case.

Every area of law has its own set of rules. There are laws, regulations, restrictions, and legal precedents–and knowing all of these is essential to winning your case. At Jan Hinson Law, our attorneys have thorough knowledge of brain injury law, and they use this knowledge to help clients just like you.

Our legal team is dedicated to not only finding the best solution for your case, but also to making your life easier during this time. They work with insurance companies, predict possible and probable outcomes of your case, and look for every source of compensation you need to get the peace of mind you deserve.

Brain injuries, even minor ones, can have severe impacts on your life. They can prevent you from working as productively as you did before your accident, or prevent you from working altogether. These injuries can also lead to serious medical issues like migraines, slurred speech, and paralysis. That’s why it’s important to turn to us for brain injury law in Greenville, SC.

Fighting for Proper Compensation

Getting compensated for the effects of your brain injury can be a difficult process. With our attorneys, it’s much easier. By looking at every facet of brain injury law, we work to get you the benefits you need to heal or rehabilitate. So schedule a consultation with us to discuss the details of your case.

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