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Are You a Distracted Driver?

Most people are aware of the dangers of distracted driving.  We all know to put down our phones, take out our earphones and to have our vision and attention remain focused on the road. But how many of us actually put away our devices and drive completely undistracted?  We know the signs, we pass someone […]

Labor Day 2018, Look Out for Drunk Drivers in South Carolina

For many of us, Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer, the time for one last cook-out, pool party and time with friends and family.  Like most celebrations of its kind in the US, Labor Day is often accompanied by the consumption of alcohol, which unfortunately increases the risks of more drunk drivers on […]

In Case of an Emergency or Accident, Have you Planned for your Pet?

Imagine this: It’s Saturday afternoon, you are on your way home from lunch with the girls or a game with the guys and suddenly out of nowhere you are struck by a car.  In the best outcome situation of this you would walk away from the scene a little bruised, a little angry and your […]