The idea of equitable division confuses most people in high asset divorce cases. The Law Offices of Jan V. Hinson is knowledgable and sensitive to the needs and requirements of high asset divorces. Georgia is a “Equitable Division” state and sometimes that may not mean 50/50. Jan Hinson and her staff are experienced and capable of ensuring that marital assets are properly calculated and divided among the parties consistent with the the laws of Georgia.It is confusing and sometimes scary to see your financial future past the proceedings in a divorce case. Our staff is very empathetic to that instability prior to a Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce. We can walk you through the process of understanding what your current financial needs are as well as what you may need in the future.

Every area of law has its own set of rules. There are laws, regulations, restrictions, and legal precedents–and knowing all of these is essential to resolving your case. At the Law Offices of Jan V. Hinson P.C., our attorneys and staff have thorough knowledge of Domestic law, and they use this knowledge to help clients just like you.

Our legal team is dedicated to not only finding the best solution for your case, but also to making your life easier during this time.

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