Labor Day 2018, Look Out for Drunk Drivers in South Carolina

For many of us, Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer, the time for one last cook-out, pool party and time with friends and family.  Like most celebrations of its kind in the US, Labor Day is often accompanied by the consumption of alcohol, which unfortunately increases the risks of more drunk drivers on the roads.  Most, if not all, law enforcement agencies and officials are aware of the Labor Day celebrations and commonly step up patrols and checkpoints around this holiday.  No matter what precautions law enforcement officials take, however, people unfortunately still drink and drive putting others unnecessarily at risk.


Whether a Pedestrian or a Driver, You Should be on High Alert

If you are one of the many people who go out to enjoy Labor Day, you should remain vigilant of your surroundings, whether you are on foot or behind the wheel.  Drunk drivers always have impaired facilities which make them a danger to anyone around them.  Drive or walk defensively, constantly be prepared for someone else to make a mistake, so that you might save your own life.

According to the South Carolina DMV website, drivers with a BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) of 0.08% or higher is considered drunk and driving with these concentration levels is illegal.  It is important to note however, that you may still receive an alcohol related violation or even DUI under certain circumstances, even if your BAC is under the legal limit.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that people driving with a BAC of 0.08% or higher experience: impaired vision and balance, slower reaction time, poor judgement, self-control and memory; all of which are highly necessary skills for operating a vehicle safely.  As a result of these impairments, drunk drivers are more than likely going to run red lights, stop signs, swerve in and out of lanes and possibly onto sidewalks, speed or other unsafe driving that could cause you or others serious injuries.

Things You Can do to Protect Yourself from Drunk Drivers

  • Be constantly aware of your surroundings.  Whether a pedestrian or driver, be ready to get out of the way of oncoming vehicles.
  • Avoid distractions when driving.  Put down your phone, do not drive with headphones in, be alert at all times.
  • If you witness a driver who is driving erratically (for example swerving, making extremely wide turns, driving on the wrong side of the road or drifting), pull over and let that vehicle pass you.
  • Call 911 and report as much as you can about the vehicles location, direction it was heading and appearance.


The Aftermath of a Drunk Driving Accident and Your Rights

Unfortunately, no matter how safely you drive, there is no way to completely eliminate risks of you being hit by a drunk driver.  In the event that you are in an accident caused by drunk driving, there are steps you can take to ensure your rights are protected and so you can recover compensation.  These include the following:

  • Make sure the police respond to the accident.  It can aid in the recovery of compensation if there is hard, documented evidence that the accident was a result of the other driver being drunk.
  • See a physician and request a thorough medical evaluation.  Be honest about how you feel after the incident and do not minimize the injuries you suspect you sustained.
  • Keep a notebook about how you feel your injuries are affecting you, also keep notes of doctors visits, specialist visits etc.
  • Call an attorney as soon as you can.

Call Jan Hinson Law, P.C. Today For a Free Case Evaluation With an Experienced South Carolina Attorney

Drunk drivers are a threat to everyone else who is on the road, and those who are hit by them may be entitled to compensation.  If you are hit by a drunk driver this Labor Day weekend, or if you have already been in an accident caused by a drunk driver, seek legal counsel immediately.  We are passionate about helping people receive the compensation they deserve after an accident and to regain their quality of life.  Call Jan Hinson Law, P.C. at 864-527-5933 today for a free consultation of your case.



From all of us here at Jan Hinson Law, P.C., remember to have a fun and SAFE Labor Day weekend.


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