In Case of an Emergency or Accident, Have you Planned for your Pet?

Imagine this: It’s Saturday afternoon, you are on your way home from lunch with the girls or a game with the guys and suddenly out of nowhere you are struck by a car.  In the best outcome situation of this you would walk away from the scene a little bruised, a little angry and your car might not be doing so well, but what happens if you are hit and you wake up in the hospital?  No doubt as soon as you are able you will be calling insurance companies and lawyers and trying to get your life back on track after this incident.  But what happens if this situation also includes a pet waiting at home, who has no idea where you are?

Imagine if you have to be hospitalized for over a week, your pet is already wondering why you have been gone for over eight hours, and you realize you haven’t planned for something like this to happen.  Your pet needs to be walked, fed and cared for.  You start to wonder if you have given a house key to a friend, neighbor or family member.

What do you do now?

No one starts their day planning to be injured, but unfortunately sometimes it happens.

In case of an emergency, or if you are injured and cannot get home you need to have someone reliable take care of your beloved pets until you can get back to them.  Much like the stickers that can be placed on the windows of your home for fire or rescue purposes, this card is meant for your wallet.  It can be kept next to your insurance card or license so it can be easily found, and in case of a dire emergency you can have the trusted person named on the card contacted so that your pets are not left alone.  Simply print then cut out this card and fill in the information and you’re done!

Jan Hinson Law cares about you and your family, and we understand that pets are a major part of your family.  We strive to provide the best possible service for our customers no matter the situation.  Remember, if you are in an accident it is pertinent that you take action as quickly as you can.  Call us at Jan Hinson Law, P.C. (864)527-5933, to see if we can help you with your claim and get back to loving on your furry family members as quickly as possible!

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