You’ve been injured. Your life has changed. I can help.

Because – I’ve been where you are. In 2009, I was catastrophically injured. I was in the hospital for 19 days, spent two months daily in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and wore a wound vacuum for 7 months.

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Now in our 21st year of practice, we at Jan Hinson Law, P.C.,

in Greenville, South Carolina and Alpharetta, Georgia have devoted our practice to resolving cases with our client’s best interest dictating every decision. We’re able to formulate unique solutions that are thorough, efficient and strategically compelling. We’re not interested litigating trivial issues – in fact, most cases settle out of court. If the situation warrants, however, we’re prepared to go to court to zealously and passionately represent and pursue your interests.

Jan Hinson Law, P.C. recognizes that all cases are different and require custom-tailored solutions to achieve the maximum awards.  Therefore, we pride ourselves on offering creative solutions while doing the right thing, one case at a time.